Thursday, January 28, 2010

Extremes in Society

Last Friday at my cousin’s house I met with a some sort of strange condition and felt bit uncomfortable as the matter was not related to me so i tried to get myself skipped out of there having fed a major question in my mind which further mothered quite a few unanswered questions. I wonder if as a nation we would be able to answer these questions in near future.
Exact matter was of a beard shaven off by a younger brother and elder quite annoyed and ordering the ladies to stop serving him with food but my question is not whether he should have shaved off the beard or not or whether banning his food was a right call or wrong or whether they acted upon the final verdict or let the matter go. The question which really shook me was the two extremes of the moods or beliefs and it made me reach to observe the whole society in this split. As I started thinking on, it started linking all the concerns of the present times with this matter. Yes it is, we are split in two extremes and it has left a vacuum in our attitudes which is resulting in extremism.
The term extremism I am using is not about the radicalism only; I am relating it to all and sundry, the whole society which is lacking the temperament to believe on others or even oneself. All of the blame is being put on the radical elements but I differ. Its not only them all other elements are equally responsible including those who are echoing the enlighten moderation and even those who are silent. We are all radicals on our side as we only want to see what we want to be. We are all supporting extremism; we are all extremists on our sides. One felt he should keep beard he did so when he felt not to then let the decision on him, you have nothing to do with it, it is his deed, let him be convinced to act not forced.
And of course I also have nothing to with it but if the matter ends here, unfortunately, it is not. When I look around I find every one prisoner of his own un-moved behavior.   I find no one who wants to let it go. The biggest problem lies on the will of changing all other except the self and that too at any cost; if yes you are safe if no be ready to face the bombardment of hatred and disapproval. You are no one if you are not me. A bearded person is not acceptable among the other creed and the person clad in jeans is not looked softly among the opposition.
Is it not a dilemma that we have divided the society into rulers and opposition though no one knows who is ruling and who is opposing yet we are fighting over the beliefs imposing that is ours,  just not ready to sit down and let others present their views. A religious person wants all other to do the same without questioning oneself or even convincing oneself. A corrupt individual wants to drag few others into the realm just to satisfy his ego that he is not alone. An enlighten personality never wants to hear about a person talking about Islam or any religious activity just to portray himself as a modernized one. My point is not being right or wrong, my point is about putting always others under scanner, never being ready to point finger towards oneself nor even ready to see a finger pointed out towards them.  No one wants to listen to others point of view such rigidity has taken our minds over. Everyone is standing on the corner leaving the midfield to be bridged but just not stepping inner word to fill in the vacuumed area.
It is not going to happen unless everyone gets ready to give time and space to others. Unless would peep inside the comfort zones of others to find out the gravitational force sticking them to their no bent behaviors. Unless everyone is ready to adopt the good findings from his neighborhood deeds. Unless every one ready to respect and praise the specialties of others. Unless everyone is ready to be what he wants to be and let others be what they want to be, the attitude of acceptance and tolerance. 
                When exhausted I used to close my eyes and start dreaming of a dream society. A full bearded person sitting next to a dyed hair hip hop boy in a computer class without keeping any insane thoughts for the class fellow or a full bearded young man having a go on heavy bike competing with bunch of leather clad teens just for fun or a reverse caped teen with lose shirts wearing ear bids of ipod pausing the music at the call of Namaz and leading towards Masjid to offer his prayer standing beside the Haji Sahib and after Namaz exchanging the gestures with a deep sincere smile. A dream society where neither of the participants have filth of dirty emotion on the base of life styles. Where everyone respects others and gives space too. Where everyone after the daylong stiffness gathers in Masjid to say thanks to All Mighty ALLAH for blessing us with the love and respect.